SFD Short—The Point

SFD Short—The Point
Safe For Democracy

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Hey folks,

Boy do we have some housekeeping. You probably noticed there hasn’t been a show the last two Mondays. That’s because fourteen full days ago, my internet went out, and it didn’t come back until pretty upsettlingly recently. I let everybody who’s checked the Facebook know, but if you’re just engaged with SFD through the shows, a total lack of internet and Mexican cybercafes understandably not liking when you upload huge files on their connections is the reason we’ve been out for a while. The good thing is that I had a show recorded and ready to upload literally five minutes before the connection went down and I kept writing new shows even without internet. So, here’s the way things are going to work out.

We’re just going to eat those last two weeks. It’s a crummy hand, but every once in a while that’s what Mexico deals me. To make up for it, I’m going to release the December news show this week (I know, I know) both on Patreon and on the podcast. Then I’m going to take one of the shows I wrote on the off-time, about monopolies in the American economy, and that’ll be a Patreon show with a very short exclusive window.

And then we’re going to change the setup here.

I’m going to have to wind down Patreon-exclusive offerings. What with the new job, some journalism I want to get done before I’m out of Mexico and onto law school, and the show, the actual SFD show, I’m just not going to have time. If anybody feels like that’s a good reason to bail on Patreon, I totally understand, thanks for the help so far.

That’s all contained in the show intro, but I wanted to double up just in case. I appreciate everybody’s patience, and we’re once more, Mexico willing, back on track.

The image up top, for anybody who’s interested, is from a very underrated little movie (that, while it’s about Indonesia, seems to me to be Vietnam movie, sort of) called The Year of Living Dangerously, that’s got Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver when they were practically teenagers.

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