SFD Short—Abolish the Army

SFD Short—Abolish the Army
Safe For Democracy

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This is another one of those topics I’ve been thinking about for a long while, at least since I wrote this cute little essay sophomore year:

Offshore Balancing

And I think it ties in with what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago in the short on T. R. Fehrenbach. I mean what I say on this one, and it’s all there in the show.

Short notes this time, except to say that since I’m traveling these couple of weeks and won’t have even phone service, these shows are going out automatically and you could really, really help me out by sharing them since I literally won’t be able to do it myself. Also Patreon.

One thought on “SFD Short—Abolish the Army”

  1. If you’re interested, there’s a quick read that deals with the history of the militia and its switch to a standing army- The Second Amendment: A Biography, by Michael Waldman. It is more focused on the history of opinion on individual gun rights but it also discusses “originalism” and the second amendment’s bastardization from a way to maintain a militia to a individual right to bear arms. Good stuff. Almost as good as your stuff.

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