Saving the State Department—A Conversation with Rob Morris

Saving the State Department—A Conversation with Rob Morris
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Hey folks,

This show’s coming to you on a Tuesday just because of that new job I mentioned and because Thanksgiving happened on a Sunday this year in Mexico. What I’d like to talk to you about now, though, is what’s going to happen to SFD over the next month or so. No big or particularly bad news. It’s just that I’ll be travelling through most of the month of December, and I don’t want to commit to having a show for you every Monday. What will happen is Patreon subscribers will get a news show both for November and December, and I’ve got a few ideas for shorts that will probably get done next month, so it won’t be totally dry.

The good news is that once I’m home visiting my folks in the US, I’ll be able to lay hands on some texts I haven’t been able to get here in Mexico, including the 10,000 Day War, which is probably the most thorough history of the entire Vietnam conflict out there. I’ll be reading the whole month and with any luck we’ll be hearing about the French misadventures in Indochina by January.

I’ve been eyeballing Rob Morris’ numbers on YouTube with considerable envy. A lot of that’s due to the quality of the product Rob’s putting out, but some if it comes from YouTube getting a lot of drive-by attention—you’re watching an SNL skit that touches on Iran and suddenly your sidebar is full of More Freedom Foundation content. That doesn’t really happen for a podcast, so while I’m home, if I’ve got the time, I’m going to be piecing together a couple of topics that wouldn’t work so well as a podcast anyway, including a survey of Vietnam movies, to look at what they reflect about us and about the War, and those or at least that one should be up on YouTube in December.

As far as today’s episode goes, the same caveats as every show with Rob apply. There’s been some pretty heavy editing, so the audio’s not as pretty as it could be, although I think it’s pretty good. And it all ends pretty abruptly, since Rob and I spent the last forty minutes or so dealing with some good but mostly inane questions from a chat that got pretty ugly at points. All in all though, it’s good, and we dug pretty deep on the State Department, so that’s all worth hearing.

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