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Politico Is Full of It—A Conversation with Rob Morris

Politico Is Full of It—A Conversation with Rob Morris
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Hey all,

I had this chat with Rob back in June, when some of you might have caught it live or on Rob’s Youtube channel, the More Freedom Foundation. I didn’t get it re-edited and trimmed down for a podcast until this past week, and here it is, in lieu of a Monday short, for you today.

Rob and I are talking about a Politico article that you can find right here.

I’m going to be traveling for the next couple of Mondays, but I crushed a couple of tight essays over this past weekend, and I’ve got them recorded and uploaded and ready for release, so we should be on schedule even if I’m on hiatus.

The only other news, as you’ll hear on the show, is that SFD’s first news analysis cast is up on Patreon for patrons putting up five dollars or more. Go ahead and check that out if you’re interested. I’ll have another one next month if that’s when your check comes in.

Morris and I are talking about maybe doing another one of these, especially since the President and his twin anti-Muslim crypto-fascists Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon, along with his Iran-hating generals, has been doubling down and doubling down on threatening Iran and cancelling the nuclear deal. If you like me talking to Rob as much as I like talking to Rob, keep an eye out and maybe catch us live and ask us some questions.

I’ll make sure to let you know beforehand.