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SFD Short—American Legions

SFD Short—American Legions
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Hey folks,

Not much to report but that the next Iran show is coming along and that my first Patreon-exclusive show is going up probably early next week.

We’re talking this time around about TR Fehrenbach, a major in the US Army during the Korean War and latterly a historian:

Fehrenbach wrote This Kind of War, which I picked up as preliminary reading on Vietnam (the French war in Indochina started to go south in a hurry once we reached the ceasefire in Korea; the Chinese could then take all their Korean War surplus and send it to Ho Chi Minh).

It’s a good book, but more than that it lays out a compelling explanation of why the US had to go to war, in Korea and elsewhere, after WWII. I don’t agree with it, but given that I’ve given folks with other ideas about the Cold War short shrift in the Guatemala and Iran series, I figured it was time to start getting their side of things and my explicit objections on the air.

I think it’s a pretty good one.

Last but not least, musical credit for this episode goes to Kai Engel and his album Cold.