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SFD Short—Ends and Means, Again

SFD Short—Ends and Means, Again
Safe For Democracy

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Hey Everybody—

Today we’re releasing the seventeenth SFD Short, but by far what’s more important is that today is Muellermas, when a fabled, twinkle-eyed elf named Bob Mueller gives us the gifts me most want.

Today the first indictments of the Mueller investigation into, first, collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and, now, corruption across the board, and who knows what else by the end. 

I’m watching the press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders right now and they’re coming at the White House, even though SHS’s blithe, blasé mendacity is making me want to rip my ears right off of my head right now.

What makes someone alright with, willing to be paid to, spew lies from this podium? To cover up the worst kind of wrongdoing? What happened to you, Sarah? Man this makes me sad.

Anyway, cool stuff coming out on Patreon this week, detailed in the show, for both $5 and $1 per month supporters.

Musical credit this time goes to krackatoa