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SFD Short—Death of the Republic

SFD Short—Death of the Republic
Safe For Democracy

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Hey everybody, so two things I’ve mentioned coming to fruition this week. First, I’m gonna be having another conversation with Rob Morris of the More Freedom Foundation like the one we did a few weeks ago. That is, if I can find a library study room around here where I’m in Tennessee for a family reunion. This’ll go down on Thursday afternoon, and I’ll let you know on Facebook when  it’s imminent. Get on while we’re doing it live to give us questions or comments, and leave them here or on the Face beforehand and we’ll get to them on Thursday.

The second thing is that we’ve now got a Patreon page at which you can support SFD! Namely, you can sign up to give me regular and very small amounts of cash every time I put up a show. Everybody wins.

Alright, this is about norms and the death of democracy. Enjoy, folks.